In the development of Expression Engine, the software developer should be well versed in a number of areas. There is need to have a good background in web application. The process of how its installed in the local environment should be familiar, for example its setting up, testing  how Expression Engine meets the environmental requirements, as well as hoe expression engine is installed and configured. The software developer should be able to explore the application as well (Ibid).

Building EE Templates should be an area the software developer should be informed well. This would include learning well the EE URL’s and their template interaction ability, how to display content in the templates that is dynamic, how to create personal EE variables as well as have the know how on the usage of EE templates tags in bringing templates with dynamic content to life.

In the creation of the site, the software developer will have to be informed on how to set preferences, create content sections, member accounts notwithstanding categories.  The coding of templates so as to display content and categories, the creation and management of statistical pages, the building of an RSS feed and adding it to the site will be an area a software developer should work with ease(Irelan 2010, p.106-107).

The developer should have advanced techniques on site development generally, for in building the EE Advanced site one has to have basic EE site development in order to create websites that are more complex. This would require knowledge on how to write in the template custom MySQL  queries’ so as one is able to retrieve relevant data. Stand Alone Entry Forms should be set up so as it’s made possible to have content addition outside the control panel. The developer should have the capacity to use Embed Variables in sharing data found between templates, have knowledge of advanced tag use such as seeking dynamic parameters and searching for entries (p.107).

Website optimization is a plus topic that the developer should be well conversed with in the management of the EE site to make it as adaptable or user friendly to the end user as possible. For practicable purposes, the developer should have good understanding on the types of caching, on how to do away with queries that are not required as well as have the knowledge and capacity to handle the high traffic (Ibid).