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Imagine that you have a golden opportunity to conquest the horizon of a great world language ‘Arabic”!

Arabic is the official language of 25 countries and is spoken by more than 280 million people world-wide.

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Courses of Offered

  • Beginner’s Course of Arabic Language
  • Conversational Arabic
  • Recitation Course in Arabic -/Thajweed
  • Intermediate Arabic Course
  • Arabic for Business
  • Advanced Arabic Course
  • Classical Arabic Courses



Arabic Course for Business

Arabic is language having wide scope in business at Middle East.

Beginner’s Course of Arabic Language

This Arabic course is the beginners’ course and no prior knowledge of the language is required.

Participants learn the basics of the language including the numbers, gender and greetings, while introducing some basic elements of Arabic writing.
Intensive Arabic Language course for beginners is meant for:

Mastering the writing system of letters and words

Mastering reading Arabic words and sentences
Learn most used common words and basic phrases.


Conversational Arabic

If you want to go GCC the countries don’t just come to there, speak their language and feel the difference from your experience

In Conversational Arabic Course Learn to speak Arabic through sessions themed around real life situations.

This course is meant for:

Managing brief conversation in common situations
Introducing yourself and introduce two people to each other
Give basic facts about oneself or others
Give simple orders
Order a meal or a drink using simple vocabulary
Make a purchase using simple vocabulary
Ask for directions and understand road signs

Recitation Course in Arabic -/Thajweed

This item of course designed to aid in learning how to read the Holy Qur’an in Arabic script.  The complete course includes Studies of:

Arabic Alphabet, shapes and connecting two or more letters

Classical Nuskh style script, large, bold and rounded images

Vowels signs, double consonant and Prolongation

Makhraij –  the correct pronunciations of letters, points of articulation, and attributes

Basic “Tajweed” rules, Idgham, full or partial assimilation and silent letters

Practice of selected important chapters of Holy Qur’an
Practice pages of Holy Qur’an (audio visual) with transliteration

Intermediate Arabic

By this Course you:

Begin your journey to fluency in the Arabic Language!

Master Arabic grammar and build a large useful Arabic vocabulary

Culture plays an important role in the Arabic language. To understand Arab We will execute culture based programs in order to improve the effectiveness of your communication.

You have opportunity to Speak Arabic with our friendly and qualified Arabic Teacher

You also take exercises in writing to become more skilled in using Arabic not just while speaking, but also writing.

You also build a good vocabulary in this beautiful language.

You also become familiar with how to form questions, definite and indefinite articles, prepositions, and pronouns

Lessons are on Demand

Advanced Arabic Course

In Advanced Course Our students are taught predominantly in Arabic, with explanations in English where necessary. Regular reading and writing exercises are set. For One to Many, Class size is normally limited to fifteen to allow for close involvement.

Lessons are On Demand



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