Advantages and Disadvantages of Expression Engine

There are a number of advantages that come with the use of the Expression Engine CMS. It is one product that comes with a framework that combines the open-source framework with commercial products. With the resources that are obtained from the commercial product creation, they are able to develop the professional material and extensions that are found in the end users site.

Many a great applications that are built into the core files are offered with the use of Expression Engine. The site capability is increased with the installation of one of the modules that is available through download for example wiki, photo gallery or RSS feed. Depending on needs of one’s site, the wiki capabilities for example can come in as a plus .Jackson (2012 p.187-190) is of the idea that Pluggins can be installed as well making one’s site more applicable and adaptable by end users. They can be utilized for removal from the text of HTML, display of the top authors and inbound links view for the URL using Technorati.

The administrative features found in the package include, site membership, content forums, extension manager SQL among others that with its CMS come standard. It is as a well equipped with management elements that are fully complemented thus making quite success open source software.

The Expression Engine is quite secure for it contains audit trails, content approval, and mail verification among other features (p.188). Another advantage is its customization success and user friendliness. The EllisLab technical support staff is well prepared and quite reliable in case of need.

It comes in with a number of limitations the first being its inability to offer authors with multiple permission levels. It has been found by some users to be limited when it comes to the implementation of Google Sitemaps due to it having a commercial platform, Expression Engine comes wit ha price tag not forgetting the license not being returnable and this is a limitation that is defended based on the high costs of its management by its producer.

The add- on feature of Expression Engine has been viewed as not having the capacity to extend its functioning capacity though some have talked of it being pushed to do what it was not to do, if for example one wants using CodeIgniter to extend Expression Engine, Though one might need other resources and as well information for your add- on functions to work.