The following are some of the developments that should   be associated with Photoshop coding

Since technology is constantly improving, there should be developed new tools and instruments that could assist designers who may not  be  able to code  or  those   who may not be able to design with  Photoshop design coding process without  jeopardizing  the  final  outcome of the  work. Since there are many designers who may not be knowledgeable concerning coding Photoshop, they   ought to be given chance to do it by using such designed tools. Although a designer may not be knowledgeable on cording, he or she may be an innovation source with regard to interactions.

            Clients  should  also be  thought  using  special tools and tutorials  on how to  create the content  of their websites as well as managing  them  by use of Photoshop coding. Instilling such knowledge to clients using these specially designed tools will be helpful in enhancing the performance of these websites as well as the creation of the dynamic and improved content. These tutorials should also be placed in social media such as face book, twitter, MySpace, Google+ and so on   to make it accessible to many.

In effectively  converting  Photoshop design into  CSS and HTML,  designers  should  first  be  required  to learn  the fundamental Photoshop coding  skills  such as  naming  Photoshop layers  in a proper manner,  utilizing  layer comps properly, use of proper system of file naming  and  other  skills of  housekeeping. This is to avoid the frequent confusion, which many designers with no such skills experience with regard to storage and retrieving of files on their computers.

            Chances of inefficiency or collapsing during Photoshop coding have rife (Liam, 2013, 2). This makes this conversion process of Photoshop designs into html and CSS to be unreliable process. It would be crucial to develop features that can help in auto saving each minute of the coding process. Further, the auto save feature so developed should not jeopardize or interrupt the coding process.

Most webpages in photoshop coding are styled using CSS in creating the specific fading effects. However, it turns that CSS is sometimes not a very effective way to create perfect effects. This is because use of CSS has in many cases resulted into creation of excessive classes or requires a complicated technique to achieve that (Zeldman,   2009, 3). This means   that there has to be an alternative means of having that aspect in more efficient and easy manner.