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Dear All,

Doing assignment is a challenge.Thank you for being part of our success. Our aims of your academic success are our aims. We are you!

As part of COVID 19 situation, many students are facing difficulty in completing their assessment and assignment perfectly. We do help in doing assignment for international students.

Quality Assignment Help is happy to celebrate a milestone in education consultancy, supporting teaching and learning and being part of teaching and learning community. We are proud to have supported ability of thousands of students to achieve their scholastic goals. We would not have achieved this mark of excellence without contribution of students and writers.

I would like to express my appreciation, gratitude and happiness to our writing staff for supporting delivery of excellent academic writing services. Your quality service, dedication and commitment have bore fruits of academic success of very many clients that we serve in the whole world. We honour your efforts and hereby salute at your excellence.

I would like to salute and express my appreciations to students who have shown greatest trust and faith in our service. We have achieved success because you gave us the opportunity to serve you. You are the reason for our success and commitment to produce high quality services that will take you to the greatest heights of professional growth and career developments.

I would like to salute parents and guardians that have continued to provided unlimited supports towards making qualityassignmenthelp.com to achieve its goals. Parents, we are glad, your trust in the quality of our services, has been beneficial to you, your child and us.

I wish to announce that we are now approved Writing center, with equal status like writing centers that help students at Universities. Previously, writing work for a student could have been interpreted as wrong. Assisting student is however not interpreted as a wrong doing or cheating. The way we deliver our quality academic help has made us not only to quality to write and help students but also to write for faculty and staff at different universities. We also have qualified to participate in educational workshops and conferences. We are able and this honour goes to our writers, who have demonstrated ethics and morals in scholarship that have earned us this respect and award.

I also wish to announce our continuity in acquisition of high level academic writers that will play a great role towards improving outcomes of academic help. We are investing in acquiring expert academic consultants who will help in expansion of our current scope of service offering.

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In commemoration and declaration of transition of quality assignment help as now approved academic writing center, we wish to communicate various issues through this newsletter.

Expansion of our academic help

The performance of our writers through producing high quality academic help to students has earned us approval as academic writing center. We are glad we have attained this mark of excellence. It is the highest level status that academic writing consultancy can achieve. We are providing not only services to students but even to faculty and staff at different universities.

We are now a fully fledged writing center, with qualified writers who have attained various level of writing. Our writers are now providing one-to-one academic writing help to students. We are now going extra mile to provide tutorial classed (one-to-one) within licensure of a writing center.

Introduction of tutorial classes

As new semester folds, we are introducing specialized tutorials for students that are weak in certain disciplines and subjects. We have tutors who are ready to address your academic needs at your desired time. We will be matching your academic help needs to tutor’s academic capacity. We are at the fore front to ensure your academic performance improves and you get the best grade possible. We are at the heart of securing your future career and professional development.

Higher institutions engagement

We wish to announce that we have engaged different higher institutions of learning including universities. Our services are now approved and this is important step in our growth and development – it is aimed at ensuring you, our client, gains the most. Home academic help is now approved academic writing center that will cater different academic needs of our students and clients. University Lecturers are now engaging our writers in discussions of topics.

Our Writers now collaborate with your lecturers!

We are now positioned at providing improved academic help services now that we are accredited writing center. Apart from services that we have been providing, our writers in partnership working with University lecturers and tutors will have access to feedbacks on development of draft papers, suggested academic writing strategies, participate in diagnosis of academic writing problems of students and collaborate with university tutors towards reviews of students work. This is a big step because, Quality Academic Help now has a equal status to the same teacher who teaches or marks your assignments. Because our tutors will have direct access to what your tutor is using to mark your work, what else do you expect? Our writers will be help you to produce marking schemes. This is an advantage that you should be the first to enjoy.

Why did we win this favour of collaborating with University lecturers and tutors?

We have always produced a service that seeks to satisfy every student individual academic needs. Our service is build on the value of giving every student the best possible as if this is also our only chance to make the student achieve the best possible.

In our tutorials, our writers seek to strengthen weaknesses of students and bridge student underpreparedness. Our writers assess present writing situations and characteristics of student, evaluate and appraise writing competencies of the students, conduct student writing help need analysis and set realizable goals for building student’s writing abilities. Our writers further evaluate student writing history to identify any gaps in student writing development and seek ways that could best help the student writing standards. The goal of our writers is to ensure student written arguments show prose where one argument opens into a supporting argument.

In our expansion of our quality assignment help, through collaboration with lecturers, faculty and staff members at University, we bring the above competencies of our writers. In our tutorials that we are starting, through our writer collaboration with University tutors, the tutorials will be able to strengthen your weaknesses and also build your scholarship goals on your needs for academic help.

Our writers, now that we are approved writing center that has equal status like writing centers at your University library, we have new writing agendas where our writers will assess your present writing situations, academic help needs, your writing history and your general composing habits in order to improve your communication capacity and also position you to present good arguments.

Code testing and Code validation

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired four extra code testing, code developers and code validation personnel who will be available to test programming codes for students that are doing programming and computer science. We also have partnered with software industries to get best possible output in your programming. Your academic help in computer programming is now easy, realistic and accommodating more sessions of academic help online and offline (for students that seek our tutors to help in their tutorials)

Our writers and variety of courses

Our writers are unique. Our writers are masters and PHD degree holders. They understand your academic help needs and deliver to your individual needs.

We are now happy for you, because we have qualified and been approved as a home academic help, due to our commitment to our philosophy of producing quality assignment help.

Our writers are now ready to provide individualized quality assignment help, working with other writers to produce your required academic reports, term papers, applications, writing your CV, writing your graduate dissertations and graduate projects, writing your academic contests and helping you in any writing needs that you may require.

It is to the advantage of our writers to interact with lecturers that teach you because this interaction is to your benefits. These advantages mean you get best results and graduate with a good grade.

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Our now new service – Writing-Across-The-Curriculum Program

We are introducing writing-across-the-curriculum program where our writing center qualityassignmenthelp.com is now an integrated writing service. We are now providing academic help for all courses.

If you have needs for writing competency tests, be assured that at qualityassignmenthelp.com, we are approved writing center. Our writing resources are ready to serve you to the greatest heights of your academic prosperity.

Yes. We are proud for this achievement, and I repeat, we are proud and happy.

We are authorized to write for academic journals. We are now able to provide even academic writing help to faculty members and staff at different universities that we are now our partners as a online writing center.

Participations of our quality assignment help in the academic community

We are glad to announce that our approval to provide quality academic help, has made our writing center to go places. We will provide writing-across-the-curriculum and this is part of our quality assignment help program. We are approved resource to prepare students for their examinations and; – we are honoured to provide similar writing services to members of university faculties and staff.

Our online academic outreach program is now going places. We are now members to academic community and our writers will be participating in structuring writing assignments for you student! This is to your joy and advantage.

Our shared value with universities faculty and staff

We now have a shared value. Qualityassignmenthelp.com now has established outreach program that will see us participating in educational workshops and providing consultancy services to academic journals through our qualified writers, who are at your service any minute and second. Yes. We have privilege to participate in academic conferences and academic publications. This is merit that has been earned by our writers, who are now dedicated to serve you, make you grow academically.

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Our writers are experts in

  1. Writing software code
  2. Writing games for android, windows and Mac, iphones and IOS systems
  3. Debugging codes
  4. Testing codes and apps
  5. Writing word reports on programming projects

Programming languages

Our programming writers are excellent in all computing languages. Some of common languages that students have continued to request more programming help include

  1. Assembly language
  2. C and C++
  3. Java
  4. Python and .net
  5. C#
  6. COBOL
  7. Fortan
  8. ADA
  9. Basic

Our writers are experts in database development. We have developed many databases in

  1. MySQL
  2. PostgreSQL
  3. Access
  4. SQL
  5. Oracle
  6. etc



Honoring our personalized tutorial help

We are at the core of building your academic and professional development through your cooperation and collaboration. We emphasize on your individual assignment needs, your individual writing needs. We strive to provide quality assignment help that responds to your needs as individual student.

Our writers have their pens and papers ready to receive your next scheduled requirements for academic help….


While celebrating our approval of our writing center status.

We are glad and happy to welcome you to our writing place, our writing room, our writing lab and our writing center – quality academic help. You can connect to us through

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