Position of the elbow robotic joints in Fortran

You need to be able to look at robotic joints. And if and already have a pretty good understanding of how it works. Likewise, we will research each individual line in the program in just a few seconds.

!     This is the file "robotjoints.f".
      program robotjoints
!     Written by Alex July 31 2001.
!     This program calculates the A-B position of a robotic elbow joint.
!     Input:
!        Predetermined.
!                    -- The A-B) location of the shoulder joint itself
!                    -- The length of the arm itself. 
!        The user is prompted by the program to enter:
!                    -- The angle of the shoulder joint itself in degrees
!                          counterclockwise from the positive A axis.
!     Output:
!        The output is to the screen:
!                    -- The A-B position of a robotic elbow joint
!     shouldera and shoulderb are the A and B coordinates of the shoulder joint.
!     robotarm is the length of the robotic arm, in meters.
!     alphad  - angle of our shoulder joint, which measured in degrees.
!     alphar  - angle of our shoulder joint, which measured in radians.
!     elbowa and elbowb are the a and b coordinates of our elbow joint.
      implicit none             ! to make no undefined variables

      real :: shouldera, shoulderb
      real :: robotarm
      real :: alphad, alphar
      real :: elbowa, elbowb

      real, parameter :: pi = 3.14159   ! Declares pi to be a constant.
!     Set up the known values.
      shouldera = 0.0
      shoulderb = 1.45
      robotarm  = 0.343
!     Request the angle of the shoulder joint from the user.
      print *, 'Enter the angle of the shoulder joint (in degrees): '
      read *, alphad              ! Convert to radians.
      alphar = alphad * (pi / 180.0)
!     Determine the (a, b) position of the elbow joint.
      elbowa = shouldera + (robotarm * sin(alphar))
      elbowb = shoulderb - (robotarm * cos(alphar))

!     Print out the results.

      print *, 'The A coordinate of the elbow joint is ', elbowa
      print *, 'The B coordinate of the elbow joint is ', elbowb
!     End of file.

Take a moment to read the program. And try to understand how it determines the position of the robotic elbow joint. Likewise, no worry if you don’t “know” how to program FORTRAN. With your knowledge of this problem, you should be able to figure out, more or less, what the programs do and how they do it.

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