Nursing Dissertation Topics

Nursing dissertation topics:

Are you looking for professional Nursing dissertation topics? You are at the right place to have a look at the best topics. 

And being a nursing student, you have to cope with too many challenges.

Similarly, according to research published in the research gateway. Nursing students have to face the lack of highly qualified instructions and lack of sufficient help.

They seem busy with various time-consuming things. 

Similarly, it is difficult for nursing students to transform their theoretical ideas into practice.

And nursing dissertation topics are the best way for nursing students to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and nursing practice.

nursing dissertation topics

40 best Nursing Dissertation Topics:

So to help you in choosing the professional dissertation topics, we are here with the 40 best nursing dissertation topics.  

  • Discuss the difficulties faced by nurses in the workplace
  • Explain Stress level in nurses during duties
  • Discuss Negative impact of the hospital environment that can decrease the performance of the nursing staff.
  • Management of the patient with high blood pressure in the hospital environment
  • Explore Psychological impact on nurses due to overload
  • And discuss the role of nursing in the care of the patient.
  • How nurses can apply speech therapy?
  • Assessment of the nutritional status of children.
  • And assessment of a child’s disease.

Professional Dissertation ideas:

  • How nurses can play a vital role in society
  • Discuss the role of nursing to improve the physical health of the patient
  • How they can resolve the communication problem of children
  • The role of nursing staff to increase the quality of life
  • Psychical impact on nurses because of the huge workload
  • Is communication necessary for team members to plane about the healthcare of the patient?
  • Responsibility of nursing staff to Educate patients for increasing patients’ well being
  • Discuss the role of nurses in dealing with childhood obesity
  • How can nurses manage their stress caused by workload?
  • The role of nurses to reduce the acute pain of the patient
  • How nursing duties impact their family
  • Discuss some steps to improve the nursing skills 
  • Discuss how Nurses care for the patient that prescribed chemotherapy and Provide pre and post-treatment patient care
  • And the prevalence of aggression among nursing staff

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Nursing dissertation topic list doest not end, explore more

  • Brief that which team provides excellent health care to patient GOVT. Staff or individual unit? 
  • Is post-surgery care increases the rate of recovery?
  • Discuss the advantages of collaborative work in the hospital environment
  • How nurses can provide better treatment for pregnancy-induced depression?
  • And how can nurses help during natural disaster explain with some examples 
  • How can a nurse ensure the client proper physical and mental health care 
  • Which technology should provide by the hospital to increase the health care of the patient
  • Discuss the role of community nurses and their impact on individual
  • Why should nurses and healthcare workers cooperate with the patient

Innovative Nursing Dissertation Topics:

  • Discuss how can nurses deal with bipolar disorder
  • Talk on the difficulties of pregnancy when the mother is suffering from hypertension or overweight
  • Explain the barrier that a nurse has to face in the hospital environment
  • Discuss a brief way to increase cultural diversity among staff
  • Tal about nursing care of the patient undergoing a blood transfusion.
  • Describe the preventions to resolve the stress and fatigue problem due to overwork
  • Describe the impact of depression among teens.
  • And talk on the relationship between morning walk, exercise, and diabetes

Nursing Dissertation writing tips:

So after the selection of the nursing dissertation topic, one needs to dive deep into researching the data and extracting the material.

So you can choose the following format for writing the nursing dissertation;

  • Write abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Include methodology
  • Add conclusion

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