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Elixir is a dynamic functional programming language created in 2011 and uses to develop scalable and maintainable applications.

Syntax of Elixir programming language is simple, effortless, and modern. Elixir is a functional programming language, so it supports and offers to code comfortably and shortly.

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An overview of Elixir programming language 

José Valim brought Elixir into the world in 2011. He had to assemble the new dialect due to the absence of suitable devices to take care of the ruby world’s simultaneousness issues.

In the wake of investing energy considering simultaneousness and circulated-centered dialects, he discovered two dialects that he preferred, Erlang and Clojure, which run in the JVM.

He chose all that he found in the Erlang language (Erlang VM). He despised the things he didn’t see, similar to polymorphism, metaprogramming, and language extendability credits, which Clojure was acceptable at.

Thus, Elixir was brought into the world to have an option for Clojure and a unique language that runs in the Erlang Virtual Machine with great extendibility uphold. 

Remedy has been intended to be extensible, letting engineers typically stretch out the language to specific spaces to build their efficiency.

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Prominent features of Elixir programming language

  • Easy and effortless coding
  • Error finding is easy in Elixir
  • It is a functional programming language
  • Testability and Conciseness
  • Self-assured and fast Refactoring
  • Process-based language

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