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First of All, we talk about programming. If you have any attention to tech, then we have heard the words programming a lot of times. R programming is also a type of programming. So first, We discuss what R programming is? And why is it important?

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R Programming Help For Students:

R programming language is a free software environment that is used to solve statistical problems and graphics. It is widely used in the development of statistical software and data analysis.

It is also used for data mining surveys. The R programming language ranks 4th in the TIOBE index in August 2021. So it is a popular language used nowadays. The developer of the R programming language is the R core team.

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Why is it important?

R programming language is used for statistical operation and Design. It has solved a lot of mathematical problems easily. This programming language is widely used all over the world to solve statistical problems. Great platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., rely on the R programming language.

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What are the Benefits of Learning R (programming language)?

R programming language is the type of programming language used for statistical operation and design. It is also universally used all over the world. The benefits of learning the R programming language are given.

  • It helps make statistical tools and software. You can solve any statistical operation by using this language
  • R programming language is the open-source language anyone can use without any license or degree.
  • The R programming language supports a large number of libraries. R is famous for its graphical libraries. We can use these libraries by learning this language.
  • It also supports the cross Platform operation so that we can use this language in most operating systems.
  • R programming language can solve all types of mathematics operations like matrix, vectors, arrays, etc.
  • R is also used for removing and correcting corrupt records. It can be used for web scraping.

The jobs of Coding and programming are increasing day by day all over the world. Remember that anyone can learn the R programming language.

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