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A major road widening project requires constructing nine link roads. The design traffic flows were obtained from revised forecast traffic produced by a traffic consultant. The forecast traffic flow was based on the Average Annual Daily Traffic  in  2015  with  percentage  of  Heavy  Goods  Vehicles  (HGV). The geotechnical report confirmed that subgrade material is expected to be “chalk” and in situ CBR testing indicated that CBR, would be adequate  for  design.  The  design  options  are  expected  to  reflect  adequate consideration  on  sustainability  to  meet  key  policies  on  sustainable  infrastructure development.




The design traffic is the commercial vehicle loading over the design period expressed as the number of equivalent standard (80kN) axles.

Its  calculated using the commercial vehicle flow F, traffic growth G and wear factors W, design period Y (generally adopted 40 years) and Percentage of vehicles in the heaviest loaded lane P.

To determine the design traffic, the AADF of commercial vehicles per day (cv/d) in one direction, at scheme opening (or for existing road schemes, the current flow) and the proportion in the OGV2 category shall be used.


With %HGV and AADT we estimate  HGV,  using figure 2.1 we estimate OGV2, the different beetwen HGV and OGV2 will be OGV1 + PSV.

According to clause 3.13 and 3.14 if a 40 year future design is chosen as it has been proven more economical for structural maitanance and therefore reducing total life cost

With the figure 2.3 and table 2.3 we obtain Growth Factor G and Wear Factor F for a new road.

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  • Date January 30, 2017
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