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Project Description

TrackMyMeds Lite: medication tracker and reminder



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This project aims to develop a software product for the tracking and reminding of medication intake. The product will be made available through a mobile app. The user should have seamless access to their data across devices, allowing a user to make actions on medications (set reminders, snooze them, track medications, etc.) one device they are signed in on without need to repeat operations on a different device.


The application should be intuitive and ease to use, and visually appealing. The product should be fully deployed (on a cloud server and/or an app marketplace) by the end of the project and adequately tested.


The team also needs to develop a business planwhich identifies avenues for the design and development of advanced functionalities that could be retailed to the public within a paid “pro” version of the product.

Minimum functionalities:


  • login using a google account (Integrate the authentication APIs offered by Google)


  • User information page



  • function to insert medication name, shape and color of medication (Figure 1), dosage, repetitions, time taken.


  • function to select a medication from a list of past medications taken, or from a predefined list of available medications, with search capabilities to find medications



  • function to schedule the administration of medication (set a reminder)


  • function that reminds the user to take a medication (include

snooze button to defer)


  • function to report all the time a medication has been taken


  • function to find when next to take medications


  • function to display which medication should be taken: today (morning, noon, evening and bed), tomorrow, in a given time range (can be displayed and designed as a Pillbox Figure 2)


  • function to display recorded resultand feedback from user (Figure 3 record result)


  • function to request for weekly/monthly report where it will show medication history


** – function to track the medication of multiple users. Caregiverscan send reminders to the patients (family, relatives and etc.) to take their meds and also has the feature where caregivers will receive notification whenever patientshave already taken their meds. (Figure 4 Multi Users)

ios application development


  • all relevant functions need to have a (safe) erase counterpart


  • acquire a complete list of medications for Australia, including vitamins supplements, e.g. Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) (You can obtain this by researching how to access and use the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) dataset.)


  • use of a database to maintain user and medication information, including choice and installation of an existing tool to manage the database through a GUI (e.g. phpmyadmin)


Samples attached

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Project Details

  • Date March 18, 2017
  • Tags IOS application development

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