Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

We are the online web based assignment and project solution providers for the students of school and colleges. Our website provides you the email based, online and live assignment on all the topics related to any subject like math, physics, programming or any kind of work of your school or college. Our team of professionals will resolve your queries within minutes. So, your all kind of project related or any topic related problem will get solved in time. Now you can do your papers, essays, projects and homework in right time and with 100% accuracy with the help of our services. Our team of experts will help you with their full knowledge and skills by mentoring and leading you through the process of doing your projects and assignment.

These Terms and conditions Apply To all users of ( http://qualityassignmenthelp.com – )

Please read all the terms and conditions thoroughly and carefully before using any service of ( http://qualityassignmenthelp.com – ).These terms and conditions apply to all members and visitors of our site.

Company trademark and Logo

We are based in Oman, Muscat . Our rights are protected by Oman judiciary. We have full access to use our site internationally and no one have the right to copy our logo or trademark without written consent of qualityassignmenthelp.com.

Our contents belong solely to our site and if you want to get the contents for ur personal use you have to get written consent from our company .The content or any copy should b’t be used for commercial purposes unless you get written consent from us.

Copyright Statement

The content of our website is copyright content. You can get a print for non commercial use. The User must be 13 years old to subscribe to our website. Students under 13 must have consent of their parents or legal guardian. No one is allowed to use the content of our site for commercial use. If you will violate any of these terms we will terminate your license provided by us or will take prior action to concerned authority. Warranty and Limitations of Liability We don’t have any liability for any interruption or delay in access to site. However we are always present to assist you. We don’t have any responsibility for damage or data loss of your PC. We reservethe right to suspend access to our site for maintenance or updating of our site. We cannot guarantee that access to our site will be mostly error free but as we use trusted and reliable software and dedicated people to run our site smoothly so this problem occurs rarely with our site. We assure you that the work given by us will be as per requirement and cant guarantee that it follow all that as per class but it will be if class materials are provided so that we can give you the work to near perfection.

On time work deliveries:

We have a very professional record of delivering the work on time for our clients and students. We live by the motto of quality , fast , dedicated and well aware about dealings.

How to get your work done

If you want service of our site in order to complete your assignment and you just simply drop a mail  on service@qualityassignmenthelp.com and after some time one of our agent will contact you.

Online Help:

Our team experts remain online most of the time to assist you in your assignments and solve your problems If you are feeling problem in any part of your day time simply log on to our site and if online help will be available than You can contact it other wise e- mail support is always there for students to assist them in their homework, courses and in completing their assignments. We have also excelled in providing E-education with latest web technology. We help student in solving their problems, assignments, tests and in study However we don’t guarantee that our online that our online service will be available 24 hours a day So it is preferred that you mail us if any difficulty and if you want to make your assignment completed by us. And we will than contact you through mail if online support will not be available.

Warranty of Work:

We ensure you that work provided by us will be 100% error free and up to your quality demanded by you. The work will be of full comments, explanations and Report will be provide only if it is requested as per the initial requirement. If you find any error in your assignment which was completed by us then you can contact to our 24 x 7 online support facility. And we will solve your matter as soon as possible.

Maximum respond time for clients or students after receiving work is within 48 hours. If respond time is greater than 48 hrs, it’s the sole responsibility of the company to consider the work with given price or client should pay extra fee for further correction.


We accept payments through PayPal, Credit Card, Moneybookers , Bank deposit and few other methods. You should pay us before taking our service and we ensure you that you will get your full high quality work done on time. You will come to know about the rate at which your assignment will be completed after sending a mail to service@qualityassignmenthelp.com after checking complexity and quality demanded by you we will tell you about the cost of your assignment.

Refund policy

We give guarantee to refund full amount if the client show the proof that the task is not done as per the requirement or the task is plagiarized from other sources. Also we will refund if the actual deadline given by client have passed. Refund cannot be made if there is no proof. It’s the sole responsibility of the company to give partial or full refund in special cases. We respect the client’s requirement and deadline and also expert’s hardwork . So client should be aware about it while asking refund.

For Experts:

As per our policy we have to hold the payment of the expert depending upon the quality of the work they delivered. They are forced to bind our rules and regulations if they are working for us. Deadline and quality of the work is very important. There is no rights for them to ask for payment if they delivered below 70% grade. Company have the right to not to pay for the expert .It solely depend upon the client if they are willing to pay for the effort. If the deadline passed there wont be any payment. Our rules are strict. We even have terms for taking penalty from expert for wasting the time of client for delivering poor work, non working code, passing deadline, using abusing words against company and related indescent ways. Also the work delivered by the expert should be exactly as per the requirement and if amendment needed they should be ready to amend any time to get paid.

Tutoring Schedules

We try our best to keep the tutoring schedules fixed as far as practicable. Any schedule wouldn’t be valid till it is endorsed by Assignment Help. Assignment Help reserves right to reschedule a session for any possible reason like power outage, broadband failure, connectivity problems, sound card failure, system shutdown, ill health of tutor or student, travel by tutor or student, school vacations. But, rescheduling of tutoring session is limited to three times a month with an advance notice. The possibilities of sickness and power shutdown are exempted from this clause. An email as the token of acknowledgement is needed by us for our records. You are not liable to pay extra for validly rescheduled session however if tutor is not informed or if he forfeits the session after waiting for the student beyond 15 minutes at the scheduled time or you forfeit the session without informing in advance according to our declared terms, you will be bound to pay for the session.


We reserve the sole right to amend Terms and conditions without serving notice to you. The latest version of Terms and Conditions will supersede previous versions.


we reserve the sole right to terminate whole or part of service agreement at any time. we have no liability for any interruption or delay in access to Site, however we are always ready to assist you. We don’t accept responsibility for damage or data loss of on your PC, server or network, however we use only trusted and well tested softwares. We don’t guarantee that access to our Website will be100 % error free, however our dedicated professionals ensure the smooth operation at their best. We reserve the right to suspend access for the scheduled maintenance/update of website. We are not responsible for the failure of access to our site due to failures of links or equipments, which are beyond our control.

Our Speciality

We are company who provide fast work with very short deadline and who took up very rare task which is neglected and avoided by most of the other expert……Our project managing team have high capability of getting done much rare task using our highly motivated , trained and professional experts. Our rules can change anytime as per company norms.

qualityassignmenthelp.com will not be responsible if you have mistakenly provided wrong details about your assignment. And you will be responsible for thatqualityassignmenthelp.com will not help you in that matter.

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