Emerging technologies embrace shell scripts in accomplishing various tasks in their systems. A few examples will be handled in this section;

Virtual Machines are currently utilizing ESX shell script technology in their cloning tasks. In the process of cloning, the virtual disk in virtual machines is copied to a new file of another virtual machine creating a replica of the disc contents of Virtual Machines. In the process where the ESX shell script is modified from Code Listing, the section of the script that calls vmkstools is modified resulting to the generation of the 4GB virtue disk. In this current case, the – i command is utilized, the execution of the script results to the cloning of the virtual disk already in existence.

Java wrapper script

Most of the wrapper project uses the wrapper shell script to invoke while invoking java commands in the perimeters of the application.  The oracle java achieve is a product that is made to offer self service download.  Older versions of the product have assisted developers undertake debugging processes in older version systems.

Perl System Administration software is one other product that utilizes shell scripting in its systems. It can come as a toy perl or Tk program which by its nature accommodates installation of other perl programs.

.product test lab automation

In product development, a number of tests is conducted on new products for hardware flaws and software bugs possible detection t repetitive he tests are conducted repetitively due to the nature of the tests. One test that provides a typical development lab test is the repetitive power rebut testing. For this accomplishment to take place the bash shell script can be used in test process automation. The VMR-16HD20 series is found to be an application solution that avails support for control through the use of bash shell script.


oracle first commercial database on Linux was released around 1998. Thus oracle, RedHat and Novell progressively collaborate on Linux kernel application performance. Thus oracle database for Linux is upgraded to relate to the operating system. DBAs find it necessary normally to automate work related issues and these installations include: system resources monitoring, system management and software installation which normally due to their error prone and repetitive nature of task are better handled through processes that are automated thus shell script technology comes in handy at this instance in the automation of the above tasks in shell scripting.

HTML ISINDEX : This program is well known in web scripting interactive circles. GCI constructs are currently being given more preference. Bash and Bourne shell usage scripts are well covered in this tutorial and together with the HTML ISINDEX tag, the dynamic content is thus created. For system reporting that is rather simple, CGI programs have been developed using bash shell scripts contrary to high traffic website development. Using the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) regulations as prescribed by RFC 3875, bash shell scripting languages are able to interact with the program.